JAG National Career Association Initiation
Starts 10/6/2023 @ 6:00 PM Ends 10/6/2023 @ 7:00 PM
Location HS Cafe
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What is the JAG National Career Association?

It is a national student-led organization that plans teambuilding activities, field trips, fundraisers, and volunteer activities. EveryEH JAG student is a member of the national organization. Each JAG program has achapter with elected officers. There are also elected state and nationalofficers.

How willmembership in the JAG National Career Association benefit students?

Students will explore career pathways, assessthe opportunities and appropriateness of pursuing furthereducation, connect with representatives of their chosenpathway, develop knowledge and skills, be better at securingemployment in a job, and demonstrate their ability to enter and advancewith the employer.