Teresa Bever


Name: Teresa Bever


School/Building you work: High School


Title/position: Math Teacher


What year did you start working at EH? 1986


Why did you choose to join Eastern Hancock? Similar to the high school I attended, small and rural


Why have you stayed here? Community, family atmosphere, co-workers


Describe your role at EH? Currently I teach Geometry, Geometry Lab and Prime Math.  


What's the best part of your day working at Eastern Hancock? Being around the great students and staff here at EH


What do you spend your time doing when you're not at work? Going to Disney and many craft projects as well as tutoring 15-20 different students, mostly from Greenfield

What makes you have #EHRoyalPride? When I go to other schools or talk to other teachers and describe what EH is like, they are always amazed at how great our students, parents and staff are.  Being a part of the EH family for 34+ years and having second generation students has been so enjoyable!

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