Debbie Froman

Debbie Froman


Name: Debbie Froman


School/Building you work: Elementary


Title/position: 4th grade teacher


What year did you start working at EH? 1987


Why did you choose to join Eastern Hancock? Eastern Hancock was my home school. My mother taught here for 37+ years. I literally grew up here.


Why have you stayed here? When my husband and I moved back into the area, we chose to make our home here. We chose to have our children attend school here. The sense of community is a huge reason I've stayed. It is fun to see former students come back with their children. 


Describe your role at EH? As a teacher I fill the role of a mother/grandmother figure for many students. I work toward making the students feel loved and cared about.


What's the best part of your day working at Eastern Hancock? The best part of my day is seeing the "lightbulb" moments in my students.


What do you spend your time doing when you're not at work? I spend time with my family, go camping, and do several sewing projects.


What makes you have #EHRoyalPride? I'm so proud of all that our school has accomplished. We aren't perfect, but we are always striving to improve.

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