Linda Smith

Linda Smith


Name: Linda Smith


School/Building you work : High School


Title/position: Cafeteria Manager


What year did you start working at EH?  1998


Why did you choose to join Eastern Hancock? My husband & I relocated to Indianapolis from Fort Lauderdale, FL; my daughter and son were born in Indy and started school there.... a very good education - my daughter was speaking Spanish and playing the violin in second grade!! But there's nothing constant in city life ... and the changes/options we were facing with the enrollment to middle school were unacceptable and so we packed up and moved to the "country"!!! Hancock County seemed like paradise and a horror movie rolled into one!! Hearing a cow "Moo!" for the first time had me jumping for joy; but the howl of a coyote still sends me shaking to my room!!
It was Mrs. McMahan (my son's first grade teacher) who convinced me this was the fit, as my son did not want to leave his new friends in Kindergarten. After all, his social network, was just getting started!!  But Mrs. McMahan helped him every day see that life was good here, and he settled in!!


Why have you stayed here? Having come from the IPS system, I was very accustomed to volunteering for whatever was needed at the school.... our PTO consisted of 3 parents!!! So when I came to EH, I spoke with the Cafeteria managers for both HS and ES, explaining that I was available to help wherever needed.  Both ladies called me often to help out and after a couple weeks, I was handed a check..... WHAT???  Wow, I was shocked to find out I was being paid to be here!!! Nice perk!!! 


Describe your role at EH? I am a jack of all trades, master of none!!  Just when you think you have it figured will be proven wrong!!  Every day holds it own mystery... from the temperature of the kitchen (hot or cold); to how many will show up for lunch!!!  Or what changes are in store for us in the reporting and paperwork... so much paperwork!!!  I proudly work with an amazing, hardworking group of ladies who care, greatly!!  We prepare and serve and Breakfast and Lunches for the Middle and High schools. And then we clean up after ourselves to do it all again tomorrow!!!


What's the best part of your day working at Eastern Hancock? Sharing space and time with the Ladies of the Cafe!!! It is worth repeating... they are an amazing group of gals!


What do you spend your time doing when you're not at work: Hermit by nature, I spend a lot of time with my nose in a good book!! Time is too precious to waste it on a bad one!!!  Also love to take long walks with/or just play in the backyard with my pup!! 


What makes you have #EHRoyalPride? I've been in this kitchen for long time... many memories... As in any job, good memories can be combined with some not so great moments!!  Character building moments!!  You find out what you are made of!!  I'm proud of what I'm made of!!! Strong in spirit and kind in heart!

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