Sam Blocher

Sam Blocher

Name: Sam Blocher


Class of 2020


What grade did you start attending Eastern Hancock? Kindergarten 


What activities were/are you involved in at EH? Tennis and Robotics


What teacher or teachers have had the biggest impact on your educational journey & why? Mr. Amos, Mr. Stonerock, and Mr. Shores made a big impact because they provided me with a chance to learn crucial skills that I will need for the rest of my career while allowing me to be goofy and have fun at the same time. Having fun and being friends with my teachers is the reason that I loved my high school experience at Eastern Hancock.


What is your favorite school memory? When Nick Edwards, Daniel Campbell and I were shining reflections from our watches into Mr. Stonerock's eyes.


What are your plans for after graduation? Attend Trine University and become an engineer.


What advice do you have for current EH students? Value your time in high school. Even if you think you hate it now, you will miss it all one day.


What makes you have #EHRoyalPride? I love Eastern Hancock and it will always be my favorite school. I will come back and visit for as long as it won't look creepy for me to.

What else would you like to share about yourself or Eastern Hancock? Long live Nutty Gutty!

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