Chris Zeilinga

Chris Zeilinga

Name: Chris Zeilinga


How are you connected to Eastern Hancock? I was a student, my son is a student and I am a coach at EH.


What is your greatest EH experience? I have had a lot of wonderful experiences at Eastern, but my best would be that I met with wife there when we were in school.  


If you have/had children who attend EH, how has that benefited their lives? I have a son who is in 6th grade. He transferred to Eastern when he was a 4th grader. He has really blossomed after making the change. His grades and test scores increased. At his old school he had no interest in going to any extracurricular events like football and basketball games. Now he wants to go to every event.  


What makes you have #EHRoyalPride? The staff at Eastern Hancock is second to none, and the community has always been special. As a coach, the kids and parents are amazing. The overall environment gives me #EHROYALPRIDE!

What else would you like to share about yourself or our EH community? I am a coach on the middle school and high school tennis teams. If you see me around and I start talking to you, most likely I will at some point try to recruit your son or daughter to play tennis. If you do not run away from me, I will consider that they are interested:)

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