Alyson Spaulding

Aly Spaulding

Name: Alyson Spaulding


Class of 2020


What grade did you start attending Eastern Hancock? 3rd


What activities were/are you involved in at EH? Basketball, Track, FCA, Sports Broadcasting, National Honor Society, and Peer Tutoring


What teacher or teachers have had the biggest impact on your educational journey & why? Mrs. Wallace was a huge influence in not only my academic life, but my personal life as well. She taught me to be a better writer and a better person. 


What is your favorite school memory? Broadcasting all the Boys Basketball Games


What are your plans for after graduation? Attend Lee University to study Psychology 


What advice do you have for current EH students? Make the most of High School, but realize high school is not everything! There is so much more to life than the 4 years you are in HS. Study hard, make friends, spend time with family, and do what makes you happy!

What makes you have #EHRoyalPride? I genuinely want to help people. I have a drive and determination for life and have a love for others.

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