Christa Riggs

Christa Riggs


Name: Christa (Cook) Riggs 


How are you connected to Eastern Hancock? I'm a 1991 graduate of Eastern Hancock. My Dad graduated from Charlottesville High School in 1955. I have two older sisters who graduated from EH: Brigette ('85) and Rhonda ('88). My stepson, Ben, graduated from Eastern last year (2020) and our daughter Hailee is currently in 8th grade (class of 2025). 


What is your greatest EH experience? The greatest EH experience (or the best memory that stands out for me) was probably when our football team won the state championship in 1985.  I was only in 7th grade, but I can still remember that feeling of school spirit and the legacy of that team is still remembered today. I can also remember the pep sessions and the dance we had afterwards. It was a great time for sure! 


If you have/had children who attend EH, how has that benefited their lives? Eastern Hancock may be a small school, but they are big on education and resources. Anytime that I have had to reach out to a teacher or ask for assistance with anything, I have never been disappointed. My kids have benefited from teachers who chose to teach vs. coming to a job everyday. There is a difference, and it is no surprise that most of the teachers at Eastern are "life-timers". They start and finish their careers with Eastern Hancock, which speaks volumes. 


What makes you have #EHRoyalPride? I have #EHRoyalPride because my heart and soul bleeds blue and white. I came to Eastern as a 1st grader, and it literally was a second home for me until I graduated. There is no other place where I would want my kids to go to school. I still enjoy seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones when going to games or school activities. EH is family.   


What else would you like to share about yourself or our EH community? Eastern Hancock is the epitome of hometown, big education. My sisters and I have all been successful professionally, and it started at the roots of going to school at Eastern. There are many stories just like mine and so many return to Eastern to enroll their kids for that same education and small community love.

Thank you, Eastern Hancock and Go Royals! 

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