Updated 7-29-20

Back to School Guidelines
  1. Our reopening plan is based primarily on the Indiana Department of Education’s reopening framework entitled, “Indiana’s Considerations for Learning and Safe Schools (IN-CLASS).”  It has been reviewed by the Hancock County Health Department and attorneys at Church, Church, Hittle, and Antrim.
  2. Our reopening document will be continually updated and adjusted based on medical and legal advice as well as State of Indiana regulations. We will keep you informed when the plan changes in a way that may affect you or your students.
  3. We will educate all staff, students and parents on recognizing the symptoms of COVID-19.  Students and staff will also be trained on proper hygiene and cleaning practices to discourage the spread of the virus.
  4. It will be very important that parents keep sick students at home and that sick staff members stay home.
  5. Once a student or staff member has tested positive for COVID, is determined by EH medical personnel at school as exhibiting COVID symptoms, or it has been reported by the parent of a student as a result of self-screening at home, we must follow the Health Department’s guidelines on quarantine and self-isolation.
  6. Masks: See separate announcement on website
  7. Extra time will be set aside during the school day for hand-washing. Hand sanitizer will be available in every classroom and bus as well as in various dispensers throughout the hallways.
  8. As a way of discouraging virus spread, all drinking fountains have been turned off.  We have several water bottle fillers throughout the schools.  Students should bring their own filled water bottle to school every morning and can refill at school during the day.
  9. We will offer a Virtual Learning Option. Eastern Hancock recognizes that due to COVID-19, a need exists to provide an option for a student to temporarily continue his/her education online. Some families will have concerns over their student’s health if they return to traditional school. Other students may be subject to quarantine or isolation during the school year and will need a virtual option so that they do not fall behind their classmates. EH will provide this Virtual Learning Option to families who express their concerns to their school principal. This option is not meant to serve as a long-term replacement for a traditional education but as a temporary measure while the family’s concerns are addressed or an alternative appropriate educational solution is reached for students suited to his/her specific needs. School Corporation staff shall arrange for any combination of physical instructional packets, virtual or electronic based course meetings and assignments, self-directed or parent/guardian assisted learning opportunities, and other educational efforts available to staff and students that can be relied upon for grade or credit in order to satisfy the minimum proficiency for the grade level/course being completed. The Virtual Learning Option may not be available for all classes. Parents must be willing to support the school’s expectations of online learners so that the student’s educational progress stays on track. The goal of our Virtual Learning Option is for the student to be able to return to traditional school and integrate smoothly into class. Before entering into the Virtual Learning Option, the student’s parents must conference with the building principal or his/her designee to discuss the parents’ concerns and the school’s expectations of the student and the parent.  Please email your building principal to further discuss this option.
  10. We will drastically limit school visitors during the school day.  The building principal has the final authority on whether a visitor offers enough of an educational benefit to students to allow them beyond the office.
  11. Classroom furniture, lunches, time schedules, and much more have been modified to facilitate social distancing.
  12. Middle and high school students who drive or ride to school in cars may not enter the building until 7:50 a.m. unless arriving for a scheduled time with a teacher or coach.  Elementary car drop-off will operate on the same time schedule as in the past.
  13. Your child’s school will dismiss 15 minutes earlier than last year to allow teachers time to address some of the needs created by our virtual option.
  14. Desks will be disinfected between each change of students throughout the school day.  Restrooms and other surfaces that are heavily touched will be disinfected several times during the day. Buses will be disinfected after every route.
  15. There will be COVID symptom sickrooms and non-COVID sickrooms in both the elementary and in the MS/HS.
  16. Immunizations must be up-to-date or an exemption filed with the school by August 31 or the student will not be allowed to attend school until immunizations are current.

We appreciate your support as we all work our way through a new set of challenges and guidelines. I believe as long as we work together for the benefit of our children we can all be successful.


David Pfaff, Superintendent


Click HERE to read the full 33-page document.

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